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Creative is the most important element of a winning video ad. 

Ad creative needs to feel native to the platform it's made for, and you need to be able to generate a lot of it without wasting time or resources to beat increasingly rapid fatigue. That's a tall order - especially if you don't really spend a ton of time on the platform you're creating for. 

Through our agency and consultancy we’re testing thousands upon thousands of ads with millions in spend. Every month we study the most profitable 1% of our ads to find the absolute best hooks, trends, effects, angles, styles, captions and more. We then share all of these multi-million dollar insights and ideas directly with you.

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We’ve spent millions this year testing and studying thousands of ads to find the most viral and profitable intro hooks, intro motions, trends, sounds, angles, effects & more. And we are sharing it all with you through the game changing TokTrends app. We guarantee your videos will get more views & ads will make more money with them.


Many of the top marketers in the world are winning because of their creative. Here's your shortcut to joining them.


Maxwell Finn has run ads for some of the biggest brands and public figures in the world like 3M, Sam’s Club, Onnit, Snow Teeth Whitening, ClickFunnels, Posh Peanut, Kevin Harrington and Pat Flynn. These ads have generated clients over $250,000,0000 in traceable revenue. Max is regularly invited to speak at the biggest events and masterminds in the world, including Traffic & Conversion, Affiliate World, Affiliate Summit and War Room. He’s directly taught 10,000+ marketers how to run more profitable ads and has created educational programs for industry leaders like DigitalMarketer, ClickBank, and Kajabi.


900+ Opening Hook Ideas

We've been testing thousands of hooks across nearly every industry this year. Get 900+ of our highest performing intro hooks on the platform.

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Don't waste another second analyzing which ads perform and why - check out these 50 breakdowns of the platform's top performing ads over the last month - every month! We've laid out all the details that make each ad great so you're never left in the dark when it's time to replicate.




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Disclaimer: Sales figures and campaign results listed above or in my marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of training, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors. 

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